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The first version of BenchLab for desktop featured virtual appliances from Wikimedia like Wikipedia and Wikibooks.The BenchLab Client Runtime (BCR) and BenchLab Dashboard or WebApp (BWA) are the same as Video BenchLab. WikiBenchLab is now deprecated and has been replaced by Video BenchLab.

Our colleagues at VU University Amsterdam are now maintaining WikiBench where you will also find the Wikipedia access traces.

Older Xen Virtual Machines of our WIkibooks virtual appliance as well as the Cloudstone benchmark, can be found in the archive section of our SourceForge page at https://sourceforge.net/projects/benchlab/files/Archives/VMs/

Unfortunately we do not offer support anymore for these older VMs.



For complete information about components and installation please refer to https://sourceforge.net/projects/benchlab/files/Benchlab_Latest/Documentation/