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Introduction to BenchLab

BenchLab is a research project developed by the Laboratory of Advanced System Software at the University of Massachusetts Amherst The publications related to the project can be found on the Publications section. The source code and software distributions can be found on our SourceForge Project Page

BenchLab is a Web Application benchmarking framework using real web browsers. can be used with any standard benchmark application as well as real Web applications. BenchLab requires three components to interact with each other and run experiments:

  • The Benchlab Web Application (BWA) or BenchLab Dashboard
  • The BenchLab Client Runtime (BCR)
  • A Web application to test

BenchLab Web Application (BWA) is the server that controls experiments and their results. It provides a Web interface to interact with experimenters that want to manage experiments and automated Web browsers that are executing experiments. It also controls the the BenchLab Client Runtime registration.

The BenchLab Client Runtime (BCR) is the client side of the Benchlab framework which registers itself to the Web Application. The BCR controls a real Web browser to load a Web application (eg. a Wikipedia stack). When a new experiment is created on the BWA, the BCR downloads the trace through its registered local web browser monitoring each local instruction. A number of performance measurements and debugging elements (HTML page source, screen snapshots...) can be recorded by the BCR and uploaded automatically at the end of the experiment.

BenchLab framework can play any application deployed by the user. The user should also provide trace files for the application . However, we provide a number of applications like MediaDrop and Wikipedia Stack along with their trace files for users to perform experiments and analyze their performance

All of the above mentioned components can be run locally and in the cloud. You can run them locally by downloading the individual components or by running the VMDK images for each of the components. The details of this can be found in the Downloads section.

BenchLab Architecture


Different versions of BenchLab

Video BenchLab

Video BenchLab is an open flexible and realistic benchmarking platform to measure the performance of streaming media workloads.For more details on the components and download instructions please refer to Video BenchLab


mBenchLab is an open testbed for Web application benchmarking from mobile devices. For more details on the components and download instructions please refer to mBenchLab

Wiki BenchLab

This is the older version of BenchLab which is deprecated. For more details on the components and download instructions please refer to Wiki BenchLab


For complete information about components and installation please refer to https://sourceforge.net/projects/benchlab/files/Benchlab_Latest/Documentation/